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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 29, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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bret: he doesn't look like jared. that is it for special report. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: word from the president on the terrorists suspect who slipped through the cracks and on to a packed plane. the news starts now. new clues about the detroit terror suspect and what are apparently his own words, and a warning about the radical imam, may have inspired him. a 9-year-old boy is now back with his dad in new jersey, but there is a new twist in the custody battle. what his relatives are planning. and some states are fighting back against health-care overhaul in washington, but one doctor has found his own solution.
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>> i would think that i'm saving the system money in the long run. >> tonight, return of the house call. but first, u.s. intelligence agents could have and should have pieced together the information that would have prevented umar farouk abdulmutallab from allegedly trying to blow up a plane over detroit. that is the assessment tonight from president obama. for the second night in the room, he interrupted his vacation to address the attack. this time, his statement comes on shorter notice. it comes after the suspect's father warned the embassy in nigeria about his son's behavior. >> our government has information on a known extremist. so this extremist boards a plane bearing explosives that
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could cost 300 lives, a systemic failure has occurred, and i consider that unacceptable. jon: the president says that the intelligence system is not taking advantage of the information collected, and capt. has more from washington. but first, steve centanni is covering the president in honolulu. >> he says it was a mix of human and systematic failure that contributed to this breach of security, and the president used harsh language to criticize the failure in intelligence gathering, saying it is a flawed system, not specifically up to date. he has gathered information about his son of a watch list
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that contains 51000 names, but he did not get on a no-fly list. the president said this should have been connected, and they were not. >> had this information been shared, they could have talked to other intelligence and a clearer picture of the suspect may have emerged. the suspect would have never been allowed to board a plane bound for america. >> the president is saying this is totally unacceptable, because lives are at stake, and we need to learn to make sure it ever happens again. jon: and there was a question about whether this attack will affect plans for shutting down the prison at guantanamo bay, especially in lieu of the connection to the country of yemen. i understand information went out tonight.
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>> right. the administration said there are no plans to curtail or delay or change or reconsider or hold back on the closure of guantanamo. we already have learned it is not going to close by the end of this year. the administration right now is saying they will hold out. jon: janet the peloton note faces criticism for comments, saying that the system worked.
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what did her boss have to say but there? >> she faces a lot of criticism, saying it work and then the next set saying it did not work. all federal officials took the appropriate action, and it worked. a republican from indiana is calling for her resignation. the system is broken. it could be defending a statement here in hawaii, but it might not be noted for some people. jon: now back to the suspect. he was lonely, depressed, and
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hoping for a great jihad. that is according to the internet. the feds can not confirm that he wrote emails, but a user name employed is for a route 1986, his name and birth year. he comes from a wealthy family in nigeria, and has visited london and the united states. team coverage starts now from our dc news room. >> he went to the embassy in nigeria. it was suggested as a magic piece of intelligence that could have shot abdulmutallab's name to the top of a no fly list is the absurd.
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in 2005, abdulmutallab apparently wrote, i have no one to speak to, no one to consult, no one to support me. and then i find this loneliness leads me to other problems. al qaeda offers people like this a sense of community and religious identification. jon: and he apparently stashed explosives in his underwear? >> abc news said that bombs were shown stitched into his underwear, and evolution in terror tactics. investigators plan to compare dna from the suspect with dna found in the underwear to determine if others were involved. dna different from that would be further evidence of a broad conspiracy. jon: and there is new information about this radical cleric. >> the radical cleric, a citizen
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living in yemen, has gone from propaganda to operations. nidal hasan was also a follower of alaki. not all officials agree alaki has crossed the threshold, but he is seed as a rising star in the al qaeda network. jon: to the international custody battle now over a 9- year-old boy from new jersey, a battle that apparently is not over yet. david goldman brought his son back from brazil christmas eve. he talked about a moment that he
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and john pulled up to their home in new jersey. >> i waited five years for that. jon: his brazilian will to say they continue to fight for custody. david lee miller is in our news from right now. >> david goldman said today that his son is doing great. one of the first things was that he opened gifts under the christmas tree. for goldman, being reunited with his son was the best present he could have last four. he was able to watch over his son while he slept.
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>> after five years, i know that my son is in his bed, resting peacefully. >> sean still speaks english, and goldman says he is starting his process of enrolling him in public school. jon: what is the legal claim now? >> the brazilian family wants the entire brazilian supreme court to decide if sean to be able to testify about where he wants to live. >> the custody issue will result in february of 2005, the case in new jersey, united states to america. >> goldman has repeatedly said he is willing to give the family
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from brazil visitation, but there has not yet been any such request. jon: 9 fires in one night. a college town on alert. authorities search for a serial arsonist on loose. a live report is next.
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jon: another major bank is reportedly getting ready to shake up the way it pays top executive.
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morgan stanley will the firm or executive compensation overtime. here is how it works. the bank may have most top leaders put aside 65% of paychecks. the compensation will either be received in the future or money that they will pay back, should post losses. sandra smith from the fox business network joins us live. morgan stanley has repaid the taxpayer bailout. why the changes? >> they have paid back the funds, but the companies, responding to the report. they still have not issued a public announcement, but the goal here would be to stem criticism for shareholders, over the public outrage over this. the goals in these banks would
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be to stem the criticism, money from the taxpayers. there are some key differences, some interesting differences. goldman sachs formally announced they will be paying all stock bonuses to their top 30 executives. what is different is about 25%, there would be cashen fall. and one big difference is to call back. 65% of these bonuses could be submitted for callbacks, meaning it is based more on the performance of these executives. jon: new concern about iran's nuclear program after a report
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concluded that that country is secretly trying to import uranium. the report claims that iran is close to finalizing a deal with has extend -- kazakhstan @ could be finished in weeks. the un security council has banned such deals. iran denies allegations by western nations that it is trying to build a nuclear bomb. fears of an arsonist on bill loose in a college town. at least nine fires breaking out in northampton, massachussetts, home to smith college. the fires all started in the middle of the night within an hour of each other. a father and son were killed. two families are now homeless, the town on edge. the neighborhood association is holding a meeting now. maria, i heard they moved the
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meeting to a bigger space because some people showed up? >> so many people showed up because so many people are afraid, and do you blame them? here you are, safe in your bed. it is 2:00 in the morning, and nine fires are set. these people have no idea what was going on. people want answers. they want to know how they can build faith. jon: what about clues, are they any closer to catching anybody? >> if they are, they are not telling anybody. evidence burns and a lot of cases, they are concerned about
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community patrols being up there. they want to put lights out there so they can protect them and see what is going on. in a lot of times, they're buying this fire in the car -- letting the fires in the cars, and the cars are being torched. in one case, and 80-year-old man and his son, well known to the community, this guy was in his yard every summer, he would grow vegetables and give them to meals on wheels to help the less fortunate. at 2:00 in the morning he is just sleeping at his home in northampton and someone decides to light a fire, and he and his son could not get out of their home, and now they are dead. jon: i can see what people are so upset. thank you. as states distribute -- struggle to balance budgets, some claim
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health care could push them over the edge. that controversy is next. also, the latest from the scene where we're learning how standoff with police all ended.
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jon: police in california are saying to people are dead following a standoff at a casino gaming office. it all came from the resort and casino about 30 miles outside of san diego. a man marched in with a rifle and told the secretaries to leave. a short time later, witnesses heard three gunshots. cops say that roberts was fired from a security job with the gaming commission last month.
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congress appears closer than ever to passing a final health care bill, but many states are concerned about what it might cost them when it comes to the expansion of medicaid. under current reform proposals, the federal government would make a lot more people eligible for medicaid, but only pay for the additions for the first few years, and then states would have to pick up the burden. breakdown for us. >> the democratic health care reform is an easy way to increase the number of people with insurance. but it isn't that easy. >> some states are facing crushing deficits. >> that is because states have
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to pay part of the cost of medicaid. the feds would cover the entire cost for the first couple of years, and then states would have to pony up, as well. one after another. officials in both parties do not have the money. probably the best example is california. arnold schwarzenegger faces a $60 billion state deficit, and he has already cut 30 billion out of everything from higher education to social programs to prisons to state salaries. he has no money left over for medicaid expansion. >> they will require us to cover about 2 million more people at a cost of 3 billion to 4 billion me more annually, which we do not have. >> governor schwarzenegger spoke to speaker pelosi and other compress -- congress members, saying that this is already the breaking point and what they're doing could cause health care reform to fail.
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dianne feinstein says that medicaid expansion might even take down the state. so the expansion congress is ordering is prompting a revolt in many of the states. jon: president obama's as a systemic failure allowed an alleged terrorist to blow up a plane christmas day. so what is to keep the next attacker from sneaking through security? up next, the pip also trying to balance our security with our rights as americans. plus, everyone has to start somewhere. we will check on a place training the next generation of guys winning to get beaten up for a living.
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jon: it is the story of america, a place where anyone can make it big if they use their minds and occasionally take a swift kick to the head. the sport of mixed martial arts is something a lot of people enjoy. it is one of the fastest- growing sports in the nation, and they are constantly on the lookout for the next big star. claudia has been looking into how they find and train some of these fighters. we went to a gym in san jose, california. claudia? >> when it comes to finding new talent, san jose winds by knockout, in large part because of training facilities like this one. as mixed martial arts becomes more mainstream, kick boxing
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academies are finding the next big fighters. a former high school athletes, boxers, and combat enthusiasts are looking to the cage to make a name for themselves on the national stage. san jose is also headquarters for organization. the sport is now welcoming its biggest star yet, herschel walker. >> i love it. i have been into martial arts for over 30 years. it is something totally different from anything i have ever done, and the ultimate competition. >> he is a fit degree black belt in type 1 though, but at the age of 47, walker faces a lot of naysayers and critics who say that there is a publicity stunt inside his by next month. his response?
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>> it is not a gimmick. i'm still going to win. it is competition. >> walker hoping to do better than jose canseco, lasted about a minute in his fight. another top athletes talking about it is shaquille o'neal after he retires from basketball. let's take it back to you. jon: all right, claudia. thanks. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. president obama is trying to get to the bottom of what he calls a systemic failure that led to the christmas day airline bombing. he says we have to do a better job preventing attacks, something they have tried to do since 9/11. wendell is live across from the u.s. capitol. wendell? >> security is always a compromise between civil
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liberty and government intrusion, and failures in security always raise questions. still, some experts believe that the failure to flag abdulmutallab for security problems is what led him on the plane. >> they are missing this document, missing that document. >> a full body scan would have a flag of abdulmutallab, but again there are civil liberties concerns. some feel the biggest difference between the bush and obama administration was that abdulmutallab was not a interrogated after his arrest. >> we would have used the
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kindest, gentlest techniques, not enhanced ones. we would have gone and intelligence. >> that would have gotten valuable information, some say, about the yemeni grouping claiming responsibility, led by two gitmo detainees. jon: new amateur video of the attack on the pope during christmas eve mass in street peter's basilica. this angle gives a much better view of the incident, with pope benedict greeting worshipers as he goes down the aisle. he hops the railing and goes to the ground. he is immediately swarmed by security guards. the same woman tried the same stunt last christmas mass, wearing the same sweatshirt. she is described as mentally unstable. pirates striking get off the
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coast of somalia in africa, seeking their first merchant ship in some time of the gulf of aden. the vessel was hijacked yesterday in heavily patrolled areas between northern somalia and yemen. hours later, another attack about 1,000 miles away in the indian ocean off of southern somalia. piracy is a major problem in that part of the world, and it is believed somalian bandits hijacked more than 80 ships in the past years, making millions in ransom payments. some vessels are still being held, with hundreds of hostages and yet to be released. >> two ships, one in the gulf of aden, the first hijacking there in six months. has been relatively safe in the gulf itself. ships clustered in groups to transit through that area, and
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the international navy provides protection of ships within striking distance. saint james was not insult a convoy. 6 feet out of our rain, there were two ships in a position to help, but they did not get a bridge-to-bridge in time. they hijacked a panamanian ship off the somali coast, where tax have recently been stepped up. but pirates are active everywhere in that region. >> we have to stop the movement of disgruntled fisherman against illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping of the coast of somalia. it has now become an organized crime. it is lucrative business for these criminals. >> in the past two days, two ships have been released by
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pirates. it reported $4 million ransom was paid. currently, they hold nine ships and 237 hostages, according to the eu nippl-- naval task force. jon: a fox trip across america. california. the sandwich shop in anaheim hills is not a drive through. police say the 79-year-old man hit the gas instead of the break. six were taken to hospital. and in claremont, calif., a family caught on surveillance video stealing cash and clothing from the store. police say that the mom and dad appeared to be using their own kids with a robbery. one of them was just four years old. >> the had the money in their hand. you could hear the audio portion of the video, telling them to
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hide it. jon: new york. times square in new york city come up with folks writing down what they want to do away with and feeding it into a shredding machine. some of the notes mentioned weight gain and stock losses. minnesota. milky way help save her owner after she had a stroke. she got a sister, who called 911. milky way and her owner are now back home and doing well. that is a fox watch across america. it is looking like a bitterly cold new year's eve for many parts of the country as folks in the midwest and south to the new layer of snow and powerful,
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freezing winds blow to the northeast. janice dean now from the fox weather center. >> it certainly was a cold day across the northeast with wind gusting more than 40 miles an hour. right now, our overnight lows are dealing with 29 in chicago, 31 in new york, 15 in rapid city. much of the country remains below average, but the big story here is the storm system developing across the central and southern plains. here is our futurecast. dallas is seeing snow earlier on today as we go into thursday overnight. we're dealing with more snow across the upper midwest. as we get into friday, a chilly rain, but midnight on friday it looks like clear skies, and the
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jury is still out. we want to make sure we're looking at all of the computer models and information to have a better idea what was going to happen tomorrow. jon: the cash for clunkers program is getting credit for creating jobs. we will show you where when fox goes on the job hunt, next. plus to most of us are happy with a cake or a dinner out. but most of us do not have the guts to celebrate a birthday 11 the way 185 year-old grandmo.
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jon: as general motors gets ready to eliminate saturn and pontiac, there could be discounts on the way for car buyers. gm is offering dealers an incentive of $7,000 for each new saturn or pontiac left on their lot. the dealers have to buy the vehicles, but the incentive will let them resell with a discount. gm announced earlier this year they would scratch saturn and pontiac, and they are also selling, and likely discontinuing sub, leaving the automaker with buick, chevy, gmc, and cadillac. fox news on the job hunt. at the salvage yard, that is
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where those gas-guzzlers' ended up when people traded old cars for energy-efficient models on the cash for clunkers program. the program is credited with boosting auto sales for more than 10% in august and put more eco-friendly cars on the road with a 60% improvement in fuel economy. but all of those jon cars now appear to be fueling the job market. peter, how are these clunkers greeting jobs. -- creating jobs? >> they resell car parts, so it could end up cash in the register. let's look. the economy has crashed many businesses this year, but this auto parts company in cicero, new york, will be up nearly 41%, thanks to the cash for clunkers program.
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>> seven days a week, a 24-7, basically. >> when cash for clunkers was first announced, they hope for 400 vehicles, but wound up with 2100, more than four times their ritual excellent -- estimates. they had to hire new workers, including jeff williams. he says that there surge in sales has trickled down and stimulated the local economy. >> how long will these last? once the metal is scrapped and the parts are taken out, that is it. >> just do not call it a junkyard. >> they recycle about 95% of every car, everything but the engine and the number resold for
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half the cost of a new part. back to you. jon: to find all of our on the job hunt stories, log on to and click on the on the job hunt wink at top of the page. you will find an interactive map. that is at top of the page. a car bomb exploded in baghdad in a parking lot right by a government building. our top story as we go round the world in 80 seconds. iraq. the blast injured at least 80 people and destroyed cars. it is by the ministry of transport in eastern baghdad. these attacks are set to coincide with religious ceremonies marking the death of mohammed's grandson. spain. heavy rain triggering floods in
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many towns. some drivers abandoned their vehicles, leaving many people without drinking water. some people are forced to bail out of their homes. they are on alert for more rough weather. peru. and 85 dimish rove grandmother a pair of lying in lima -- paraglider and writing to celebrate her birthday. her grandchildren were on hand to watch. she called her 15-minute flight glorious and says that her next challenge is bungee jumping. the poll. the sixth annual elephant festival ticking off, an elephant race.
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a doctor who still makes house calls says he gave up a thriving practice to return to the good old days. why? coming up. plus, tiger woods' fall from grace. some dropped him, others stuck by him. who makes the better choice? that is ahead.
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jon: more americans are seeking alternatives to primary-care doctors. according to the american academy of medicine, there are about 8000 urgent care clinics nationwide, more than twice the number operating years ago.
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these clinics run out of supermarkets and big box stores, also on the rise. the offer convenience and affordability. how safe is it to have medical facilities like this? >> the an american academy of physicians is concerned about the lack of coordination between these clinics and primary care physicians. a walk-in clinic may prescribe medication but leave it up to the patient to make sure the main doctor knows what is going on. they do not all did this, and some will reach out to doctors, but not all of them. jon: it has got to be worth it for some people. what do they say? >> the limited wait time they have before being seen is appreciated, and it is cheaper.
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you do not want to go to the emergency room, so you go to one of these clinics for about $100. it is about six times that for the emergency room. they can do things like vaccinations and cold at these clinics, and they are limited to having a physician oversee only a limited number of locations. you will not necessarily see a physician there. you might see a nurse practitioner or a physician's assistant. jon: rather than going to one of those clinics were making a trip to your primary-care physician's office, how about having a doctor come to you? it used to be held many things
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worked, and one doctor says he has had enough now. instead, he is referring people. >> this doctor is going to work. he is commuting on a bitter cold afternoon in northwestern connecticut. not to hospital or medical building, though. for the past two years, he has only made house calls. >> we were forced to move more patients to the office before, and then here comes your 10- minute, 15-minute office visit. i could not do that. >> he sees five or six patients a day, has no overhead. for maria, it is $150. >> it is nice to have somebody
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come to your house, especially when you are not feeling well. >> the doctor only takes cash or checks, but some patients get reimbursed. medical records are kept electronically. his wife helps. >> with the office, we were making more, but now even though we are making laths -- less, our quality of life has increased tenfold. >> the doctor likes to drive. his 1998 honda has 185,000 miles on it. >> i did not see a gps? >> i do not have won three >> the doctor believes his old- fashioned style of carry been will make a comeback -- caregiving we come back if health care is performed -- will come back if health care is reformed. >> the doctor says when the
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odometer its 200,000, he will buy a new vehicle. in salzburg, conn., fox news. jon: tiger woods confession to infidelity did not just hurt his marriage. it also hurt the company's debt sponsored him. a study finds the hardest hits were investors in three sports companies, gatorade, 90, and ea sports, which makes his video game. a 4.3% drop in their value, about $6 billion. on the other hand, they found that global consulting firm accentor suffered less after dropping woods shortly after he crashed into a tree. woods made about $100 million a year in endorsements before the scandal. people push their bodies to incredible lengths to get a record. for example, sitting in a giant
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jon: top stories coming up but when issue with the hits most people wundle up and head indoors. israeli magician den is not like most people. he entered a 8-ton ice cube this morning without a thread of fabric on his back though he did wear pants. it's all part of an attempt to break a record set by american
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magician david blaine. he lasted 58 hours inside a similar ice cube in 2000. den hopes he can go 64 hours. jon: time now for cool critters. zoo welcoming a baby giraffe and the guy is already 6 feet tall 150 pounds. the vet went to ext mother over the weekend and was surprised to find the baby. the mom was apparently not due for another few days. the zoo in coal valley, illinois won't let the public see the little guy or big guy until may. the workers will reflect a name with his birth so close to the new year. updating some of our top stories tonight. president obama today voicing his displeasure with the security breakdowns that led to the attempted bombing of northwest flight 253 on christmas. the president called the breach catastrophic and totally unacceptable. the associated press reporting that iran is 1300 tons of
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uranium from kazmierczak -- kazakhstan. boy at the center of a five year long custody battle reportedly now want him back. sean goldman returned to the u.s. with his father last week. >> on this day in 1845, the united states officially admitted texas to the union making it our 28th state. for years the sparlsly populated territory had been part of mexico. but in the 120s, americans began settling there. among them, steven f. austin, considered the father of texas. soon the mexican government tried to crack down on the growing foreign communities. that led to war and texas boldly declared its independence. mexico, of course, not happy about that. and went on the offensive. most notably at the alamo where the forces of


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